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The Act Ley 2/2016 of 30.03.2016 concerning the ECOTASA (so called Eco-tax) for an environmentally friendly, substainable tourism on the Balearic Islands came into effect on 01.07.2016, mainly to finance environmental projects.

Now, the Balearic Government has officially decided for 2018 to increase the ECOTASA.

What does that mean for me as a tenant of a holiday home?

What's new is that ECOTASA's new tariff only applies to the main season, between May and October of each year. For the winter months, the reduced rate will be retained.

In addition to tourist accommodation such as classic hotels, this ECOTASA is also charged for holiday homes, even if they should not have a tourist license according to tourism law.

In summary, this means for you your next vacation in a finca or villa, in a finca hotel or in a holiday apartment as follows:


High sesaon (May until October)

Low season (November until April)


Finca / Villa

2,00 Euro + 10% VAT (IVA)

0,50 Euro + 10% VAT (IVA)

per person and day of stay

Rural Hotels, Agrotourism accommodation

2,00 Euro + 10% VAT (IVA)

0,50 Euro + 10%VAT (IVA)

per person and day of stay

Holiday apartements (category one until three keys)       

2,00 Euro + 10% VAT (IVA)

0,50 Euro + 10% VAT (IVA)

per person and day of stay

Holiday apartements (category three keys superior)

3,00 Euro + 10% VAT (IVA)

0,75 Euro + 10% VAT (IVA)

per person and day of stay

Holiday apartements (category four keys)

4,00 Euro + 10% VAT(IVA)

1,00 Euro + 10% VAT (IVA)

per person and day of stay

Important note: Children under the age of 16 are - as before - exempted from the ECOTASA! 

The ECOTASA must always be paid on the day of arrival (check-in).

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