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The 12th of October is national holiday throughout Spain.

Many Spaniards refer to this special day as the Dia de La Hispanidad, although it is now known as the Fiesta Nacional de Espana.

The National Holiday celebrates the expansion of the Spanish language and culture across European borders to the countries of Latin America and the USA. In this respect, the 12th October is to remember the unity of the Spanish-speaking world and its roots.

Therefore, the Spanish National Holiday is also called Columbus Day, as the Italian-born discoverer on October 12, 1492 entered American soil for the first time. Christopher Columbus's expedition was generously supported by the then Spanish Queen Isabella I. and her husband Alfonso II. Without their help, Columbus would not have been able to start his expedition. With the discovery of America the spread of the Spanish language in the New World began and since then Columbus has been celebrated as a national hero in Spain. In honor of Christopher Columbus, there are numerous monuments and statues.

In Ibiza you can admire the "Egg of Columbus" in Sant Antoni de Portmany at the entrance of the harbor promenade. It is the only one of its kind in the world with a height of 6 meters (reinforced concrete) and inside of the egg is located an about 2.8 meters large replica of the Columbus ship Santa Maria.

Incidentally, the bow of the ship points towards the American continent.

In Barcelona, ​​in 1888, a Columbus column made of iron was erected in Corinthian style. The face of the statue also faces America. The column can be found at the southern end of the Rambla on the Placa del Portal de la Pau.

Numerous celebrations will take place on the 12th of October throughout Spain, e.g. (military) parades, music or dance events and fairs. Many festivities end with a big fireworks display. 

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