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Review of 21.06.2019


A Vernissage at its best with a spectacular start.


It is just 9pm when a robotic orchestra and black-disguised robot with green-blinking LED lights are preparing for the arrival of Leon Löwentraut on Ibiza. The smartphones are quickly taken out of their pockets for taking pictures, and the photographers are already in position.

On a red carpet in front of the gallery, the numerous illustrious guests are waiting excitedly for the arrival of Leon Löwentraut. As if out of nowhere, an elegant white helicopter suddenly revolves above Gerhardt Braun's „B12 The Gallery“ in Ibiza and begins slowly floating with aerodynamic noise and powerful turbulences next to the gallery.

Leon Löwentraut is sprinting out proudly and radiantly in his purple suit. À la Hollywood he opens his first vernissage on Ibiza under the title "ICONIC" at the side of the galerist Gerhardt Braun.

 After signing the large-format poster on the outer wall of the gallery, Leon Löwentraut is entering the fallery followed by the guests. Twenty large-format, colorful and expressive new paintings created by the just twenty-one-year-old artist Leon Löwentraut from Düsseldorf can be admired.

Among the audience are well-known VIPs like Mariella Ahrens, Claudia Carpendale and Oliver Pocher. Particularly noteworthy is boxing legend Wladimir Klitschko, whom you can not miss on his own because of his size and charisma. Wladimir Klitschko, as a big fan of Leon Löwentraut, announces together with the artist on the occasion of the vernissage that both will create a joint work of art. The creative artwork of the two personalities will be auctioned after completion in favor of the Klitschko Foundation (for the promotion of opportunities for children with a multinational background). More at

Later in the evening, the catering team of the "Casa Colonial" and "Ibizkus Wine" provide culinary delights and drinks; Performance artists and DJ entertain guests during the subsequent party.

The opening day of the vernissage ends as expected: the twenty paintings (worth about 1 million euros) of the artist Leon Löwentraut are sold within about three hours.

The résumé of the evening:

A spectacular vernissage with a staging that you will never forget. Is there still an increase?

We'll see what Leon Löwentraut thinks up for next vernissage.

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